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2011 -

Publications 2011 -


  • Ömer Cakabay, Mhamed El Achhab & Klaus Schierbaum. Thermal properties of solid-state Pt/TiO2/Ti emf cells studied by microcalorimetry. Appl. Phys. A, DOI 10.1007/s00339-014-8927-9

  • Mhamed El Achhab, Andreas Erbe, Georg Koschek, Rachid Hamouich and Klaus Schierbaum, A microstructural study of the structure of plasma electrolytically oxidized titanium foils, Appl. Phys. A (2014)/DOI 10.1007/s00339-014-8392-5


  • M. Cerchez, H. Langer, M. El Achhab, T. Heinzel, D. Ostermann, H. Lüder, and J. Degenhardt, Dynamics of hydrogen sensing with Pt/TiO2Schottkydiodes, Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 033522 (2013)


  • Mhamed El Achhab and Klaus Schierbaum, Structure and hydrogen sensing properties of plasma electrochemically oxidized titanium foils, Procedia Engineering 47 ( 2012 ) 566 – 569


  • S. Bruyere, B. Domenichini, K. Schierbaum, Z. Li, S. Bourgeois Reversible oxidation of WOx and MoOxnano phases, Catalysis Today (July 2011 doi:10.1016/j.cattod.2011.06.022 Key: citeulike:9627519
  • Klaus Schierbaum and Mhamed El Achhab, Generation of an electromotive force by hydrogen-to-water oxidation with Pt-coated oxidized titanium foils, Physica Status Solidi A, 1–7 (2011) / DOI 10.1002/pssa.201127400
  • Mhamed El Achhab, Hussein Shanak, and Klaus Schierbaum, NO2 sensing properties of WO3 nanorods grown on mica, Phys. Status Solidi A 208, No. 6, 1229–1234 (2011) / DOI 10.1002/pssa.20100096
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